About Us

Hi there!


As a young and ambitious business entrepreneur, I love to travel and experience life's greatest pleasures.

All POWER was created because of how frustrating it is to have to constantly charge our phone on the go. Lots of new technologies have come to troubleshoot this problem, and I wanted to help find a solution as well. I wanted a product that was easy to carry anywhere while also being environmentally friendly. Additionally, I wanted to provide my customers with quality products and the highest level of service. This is why I created a solar energy charger for electronic devices.

I want to inspire people by showing them that they can be away from home for days without worrying about their phones running out of battery. My goal is to show people that traveling is actually easy when you have the right resources. As a traveler who really enjoys going on adventures, I strongly believe my new solar charger will really give those of you who like going on adventures and traveling a lot more convenience in their daily lives.

Thank you so much for enabling me to provide you with this amazing device. I would love the opportunity for you to join me on my new adventure. You won't be disappointed! Satisfying your needs is my number one priority.